Liveaboards in Indonesia

Indonesia is a huge country with the 2nd longest coastline in the world. It spans a huge part of the 'Coral Triangle' - the world's most bio-diverse marine environment. Over 17,500 islands are scattered over this equatorial archipelago making it an incredibly amazing place to navigate by sea. Indonesia's crystalline waters are a scuba diver's paradise and an ideal wonderland for liveaboards.

Diving in Indonesia is one of the most fascinating experiences. Indonesia is home of 15% of the World's coral reefs population. There is over 4000 different fish & invertebrate species - with many more yet to be identified. Diving in Indonesia is so varied and there is plenty to appeal to even the most seasoned diver, from muck diving and the fast paced currents around Komodo to the soft corals and colourful fish dives in Raja Ampat or explore new sites in off shore islands of the Banda sea.

Top liveaboards in Indonesia

Damai 2 Liveaboard

Indo Siren amazing diving liveaboard

Ari Jaya liveaboard in Indonesia

Emperor Raja Laut by Emperor Fleet liveaboard

Indo Aggressor (Komodo Dancer) top liveaboard in Indonesia

Pearl of Papua  liveabard 

Liveaboard in Indonesia - Dewi Nusantara

Raja Ampat Aggressor diving liveaboard in Indonesia

Luxury liveaboard - DAMAI I 

Tiger Blue sailing diving liveaboard in Indonesia

Cool diving on  Mermaid I liveaboard 

Diving liveaboard Mermaid II 

Diving by Cheng Ho liveaboard in Indonesia

Sea Safari 6 liveaboard

Dive with Sea Safari 7 liveaboard

Sea Safari 8 diving liveaboard  

La Galigo - stanning liveaboard 

Moana diving liveaboard  

Luxury diving liveaboard in Indonesia Arenui

Liveaboardin Indonesia Raja Manta  

Blue Manta diving liveaboard. Check here.  

Euphoria stunning liveaboard. More details.   

Pindito liveaboard for diving in Indonesia.

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